Círculo Verde is a company made up of technicians and professionals (agriculture and electrical engineers and accountants) trained for the investment analysis, projections and execution of irrigation works by sprinkling.


We are official VALLEY agents. The company is internationally well-known as leader in sales of mechanical irrigate equipment, service, technological quality and innovation.

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Our influence zone is the centre and south west of the Buenos Aires province covering an area of 10,000,000 hectares.

The size and coverage of the company

We have installed more than 300 equipments which are still working. As a result, there are more than 40.000 irrigated hectares.

From Coronel Suárez, together with our solid trained technicians, we have developed successful irrigate projects in the south west of the province of Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz, with the most variety of crops in the most diverse soils and climates.

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The lasted technology and achieving to our clients increasing needs

We design, install and offer after-sales services of irrigated equipments of central pivot and moving forward type.

Widely well-known by their quality, the components of the Valley equipments were developed by Valmont Industries, Inc. using the lasted technology and achieving to our clients increasing needs.